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Healthy smoothie recipe: The best blend for glowing skin

Face looking a little dull and dreary? Try pepping it up with this glow-enhancing smoothie.

Skin-boosting foods – the smoothie recipe to make you look younger and radiant

The importance of feeding our skin from the inside out is always in fashion.

One way to give it a much needed boost is by packing in all the collagen-enhancing, antioxidant ingredients you can muster into a deliciously healthy smoothie.

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Nutritionist Dr Alice Mackintosh said: “I’m sure we all know how important good nutrition is for skin – it simply cannot work without it and requires a whole host of goodness delivered to it to keep skin cells strong, healthy, glowing and dewy.

“It also relies on internal harmony, things like making sure our liver is working, our digestion, and immunity and so on. The beauty of nutrition is that it can support all of this.

“A smoothie is a great way to get in lots of goodness in one fell swoop. You can put what you want in and it’s often in an easily digestible and absorbable form which is key.”

Want to try it for yourself? Dr Alice shares her favourite recipe for a smoothie that’ll help clear your skin, ramp up the collagen production and give it a good ole’ glow.

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